What NAKED OBJECTS will quintessentially be

Naked Objects is the fifth edition in the Nieuwe German Gestaltung exhibition series, which state of DESIGN,BERLIN will be organizing from 16 through 22 January 2017, at a top location in the city of Cologne.

Former editions of Nieuwe German Gestaltung included ‘Nullpunkt’, at the Marta Herford museum in Herford, two ‘Refugium’ exhibitions in Berlin, respectively as part of DMY 2013, and state of DESIGN, BERLIN 2016, and most recently The Wall at the Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk, Belgium. As you will learn from this Call for Entries, the list of more than 130 designers who participated in these four editions, reads like a Who’s Who in German design.

The fifth edition, Naked Objects, will be organized in collaboration with and during the coming Passagen, spreading all over Cologne and with its 100.000 visitors also Germany’s largest design event, yearly set up on the occasion of the world’s second largest furniture and interiors fair, imm Cologne.



Naked Objects

Köln Passagen 2017


Ideally situated in the most lively neighborhood of the city, the exhibition will spread over the two floors of a former warehouse and a large vitrine on Maastrichter strasse, close to Brusseler Platz. The total surface of the warehouse covers more than 400sqm.

The exhibition will again offer a platform to a choice of the best and most innovative in German design, products, prototypes, processes, projects, and proposals that will also be selected on their critical and experimental value and social relevance, and the way they question and debate ruling standards, in a country where – despite its status of being a major motor in global design and the pleas for a massive change in times of global crisis – such questioning and the alternatives that result from it are all too often ignored.

Instead of opting for a typical but uninspiring fair situation that is proper to this kind of events, and in which each participant gets his or her own stand, isolated from each other, all works will again be combined in an open landscape, and a carefully curated consistent whole, where the exhibits are put as much as possible in evidence, and enter into a dialogue.

Much more than just another exhibition, Naked Object will also be a place where the designers can meet clients, the audience, and each other, and a platform that will also be animated by daily talks and debates. As the title implies, the theme that stands at the centre of these discussions, and of the exhibition as a whole, will be the status of the object. To find out the importance an object still can have, at times of rapid digitalization and miniaturisation, it will be stripped to the bone.