‘Now and Then, How Sustainable was my Sustainability?’
The research will be part of TOTAL CHANGE—NIEUWE GLOBAL GESTALTUNG #001

Made of roughly cut but straight wooden batons that were held together by blobs of polycaprolactone wax, this chair by Berlin born and –based designer Jerszy Seymour was as much a statement and a manifesto as a functional piece furniture. While it even passed the top-level structure tests for contract furniture, it did not whisper or talk, but yelled, offering a seat to Utopia, fully repairable, affordable, and 100% biodegradable. The chair resulted from a conceptual series of exhibitions and environments in which Seymour explored the possibility of Amateur Society, using wax both as a construction material and as a metaphor for the creative energy and ability in all people.

In 2012 the Workshop Chair was selected as one of 100 projects that were highlighted in Form Follows Foco, a groundbreaking exhibition and publication in which Max Borka and Mapping The Design World gave a worldwide overview of what was happening in the field of Social Design. Five years later, Borka and Mapping went on the search for what happened to these 100 projects. A Work in Progress of which the exhibition Now and Then, How Sustainable was my Sustainability? shows the first results at the state of DESIGN, BERLIN 2017 festival.