Imke Höfker at state of DESIGN, BERLIN 2017

Meet Imke Höfker, who will be from June 1 to 4 one of the participants in the state of DESIGN, BERLIN 2017 festival. Imke Höfker is an independent product and graphic designer who was born in Germany, but is currently based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, where she studied at the Contextual Design Department of the local Design Academy. She previously studied Product & Graphic Design at MSD Münster School of Design in Germany, and the IADE University in Lisbon, Portugal. Minimalist and clear, her work focuses on the connection between object and subject.

At the state of DESIGN, BERLIN 2017 festival she will present her Objekt 1000 project, that aims to provide a new perspective on the everyday. Once again, the designer kindly leaves it to the user’s fantasy and needs to define what these objects could be good for: “By creating abstract forms, I offer users the opportunity to gain a much more personal connection with the object, since they must interact with it to discover a use for themselves”.

See: www.imkehoefker.com