‘Now and Then, How Sustainable was my Sustainability?’
The research will be part of TOTAL CHANGE—NIEUWE GLOBAL GESTALTUNG #001

2012: Invented by the Atomic physicist Joshua D. Silver, the man who set himself the aim to give vision to the developing world, Adspecs were the first spectacles that allow the user to tune their glasses to their eyes. With no need for opticians, and based on a totally innovative technology in which the lenses are partly liquid, the Adaptive Eyecare was primarily meant to offer a solution for the extremely large need for corrective eyewear in countries where opticians are non existent, which is most of the developing world. To change the power of the lens of the eyeglasses the user only had to turn the wheels of syringes attached on the arms of the eyewear, in order to pump clean silicone oil from the syringes into the ‘lenses’, two flexible membranes protected by a hard plastic layer. Once this was done, the user could tighten the screws on each side of the frame and remove the syringes and tubing – transforming the Adspecs into a customized pair of glasses. Silver and his non-profit organization, set themselves the aim of reaching a billion of the world’s poorest people by 2020. Another pressing goal for Silver and his Centre was from the very beginning to dramatically lower the cost of producing the eyeglasses, from the 20 Euro it took to produce them, down to less than 1 Euro, in order to make vision affordable for all.


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“ over the next few days, I will put together something about the progress of the project - which is not as fast as I would like, but still quite fascinating”