An installation built around some simple rods that confront the notion of hanging an object in any space without having to pierce the floor or ceiling. While accommodating a variety of objects - candles, plants, vintage rear mirrors, brooms as postcard holders, and vases for flowers - the rods are kept in place themselves through exerting tensile pressure on the floor and ceiling. In-tension units can stand alone, in pairs, or aligned to create a separation: “The same ready-made rods that all architects and engineers are all too familiar with, since they are used on every construction site, yet hidden, in the floor, will be proudly exhibited, while reconstructing the space”. 200grs are Rana Haddad, architect and assistant professor at the American University of Beirut, and Pascal Hachem, designer and former artistic director of PSLab. Their shared fascination with the city led the duo to co-found the studio in 2013. Challenging constraints and adapting existing know-how, their custom made pieces bring into play the craftsmanship and artisanal skill available in Lebanon. “For it is our belief that this is the healthy way to fight and to positively fuel, propel, and keep Beirut alive - our city”.